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This company is known to be a leader within technological systems. They offer great services to multiple defence forces. Their scope of operations includes space solutions, guided weapons, missiles along with unmanned vehicle systems and integrates systems. Their range of products is manufactured, designed and even developed within South Africa.

Except for this company being tactical partners with the South African Defence Force, they also supply services to other defence forces throughout the world. This company is on the forefront of exploration and innovation within the fields of technology, science and engineering. They seek only the brightest and top minds, employing engineers with great intellectual enthusiasm.

They believe in employing local talent, transforming not only the business industry but also the people within every community. They offer their successful candidates great opportunities for education and also skills development. These are delivered by their bursary program, their mentorship and skills transfer while keeping the talent pool moving.

They focus on innovation, development and the evolution of reliable systems and products. Their quality meets the highest standards and this is also what they expect from each successful candidate. This company has extended its reach and now offer new services with pioneering products to combat poaching, to secure borders and even improve cyberspace operations.

This company may be a state-owned institute, yet is it commercially driven. The deliver ground-breaking technology on all fields within security, aerospace, maritime, defenses and more. They compete globally upholding great standards and provide services to a wide range of clients.

If this is where you belong and you have a brilliant mind, then maybe Denel Dynamics is the company for you. Successful candidates who receive a bursary will have the following covered by the Denel Dynamics bursary program:

  • Full cost of tuition at selected University
  • All required books
  • Accommodation costs
  • A monthly allowance
  • Computer allowance


Candidates who want to apply for a bursary from Denel Dynamics may do so within the specific fields provided by the company. All the fields provided are however within a high-tech engineering field. These will, therefore, be for a National Diploma or a BEng/BSc Degree.

These fields of study are as follow:

  • Electronic
  • Computer Science
  • Industrial
  • Mechatronics
  • Mechanical
  • Industrial


Candidates wishing to apply within one of the above-mentioned study fields may do so yearly. Candidates will, however, be required to adhere to all the stipulations as set by this company.

The minimum requirement for candidates are as follow:

  • Candidates must be South African citizens
  • Candidates must hold a valid ID Document
  • Candidates must either be studying at a registered Institute for Higher Learning within South Africa or planning to study at one within their field of application
  • Candidates must hold a minimum of sixty percent average
  • Candidates must have passed all subject
  • Candidates must not hold any other bursary


Denel Dynamics bursaries online applications are made available yearly. Candidates interested in applying to this company within any of the mentioned fields may do so via their website.

Candidates will also find additional information and can lodge their application. However, you will be required to register with the company first. Candidates are reminded to ensure all provided information is correct and up to date.

Candidates may also upload their curriculum vitae when registering. Please make sure you have all required documentation at hand when making your application. Late applications, as well as applications that are missing documentation, might not be considered. Thus, it is important to ensure all fields are completed and all documentation attached.


Closing date for bursaries provided by this company is usually in August. These usually open yearly around April.

Candidates are urged to read the application carefully, to ensure they answer all questions truthfully and supply information that is relevant. If you have a passion for all thing innovative, high-tech and the fields of engineering, then Denel Dynamics may be the company for you.

BBD BURSARIES 2016 – 2017


These bursaries are awarded to talented individuals who have a great interest in the Information Technology or IT field.  BBD believes in equal opportunity and has a diverse mix of men and woman from all races and cultures employed and they encourage this in their bursary program as well.  They would like the very best talented candidates to apply that absolutely need the assistance.

Their bursary program pays certain costs for university study concerning tuition fees needed, prescribed books, residence, and meals, as well as including a monthly allowance.  They mainly look at the financial need in addition to academic results when selecting and approving candidates.


BBD has the following fields of study available for bursary students to choose from:

  • Informatics
  • Computer Science
  • Computer Engineering
  • Software Engineering


Candidates applying for these bursaries will have to provide the following documentation as well:

  • Candidates must be South African citizens with valid ID Books or ID Cards.
  • Candidates must qualify for study at a South African University or be studying at one.
  • Candidates who have a passion for building and creating software and computers.
  • Candidates must have strong Mathematic skills.
  • Candidates with an academic average of 65% or higher can apply.
  • Candidates must have proven skills in written and verbal communications.
  • Candidates must be in dire financial need and must also be able to prove this need.

Considerations will only be given on the basis of academic merit and financial need.

Candidates with disability and from a previously disadvantaged background will receive preference.


BBD also has a Learnership program and a Graduate Employment Program that students can have a look at if they are interested in either.  Here is a quick overview of each.

BBD Learnership

The company offers 2 openings in February each year and 2 in August.  Candidates will receive a minimum wage monthly and the learnership program will run for a period of one year after which candidates will have a recognized qualification in IT.  Candidates will receive an education in the classroom as well as in the workplace during this year.

The following requirements have to be met for students to apply:

  • Candidates must have less than one year’s work experience.
  • Candidates must be a South African citizen.
  • Candidates must have a National Diploma in IT or relevant field of study.
  • Candidates must be open minded and be extremely energetic with great work ethics.
  • Candidates must also possess excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Candidates must be able to give great attention to detail.
  • Candidates with a burning need for learning, teamwork, growth, knowledge partaking as well as cooperation can apply.
  • Candidates must show self-discipline, be able to take accountability for their actions and also possess perseverance.

BBD Graduate Employment Program

There are usually a limited number of vacancies available for this program and this gives candidates the opportunity to become full-time employees of BBD.  Candidates in this program will receive accelerated training, mentorship and exposure to the work field thus guaranteeing a perfect start in their careers.

The following requirements have to be met to apply:

  • Candidates must be South African citizens.
  • Candidates must have less than one years working experience.
  • Candidates must have an average of 65% in their academic results or higher.
  • Candidates with a B Sc computer science or engineering in IT or similar qualification may apply.
  • Candidates must have proven writing and verbal communication skills.
  • Candidates with a burning need for learning, teamwork, growth, knowledge partaking as well as cooperation can apply.
  • Candidates must show self-discipline, be able to take accountability and also possess perseverance.
  • Candidates must be open minded and be extremely energetic with great work ethics.
  • Candidates must be able to give great attention to detail and be interested in furthering their careers.


Candidates who would like bursaries online applications can do so via this link yearly.  Please ensure all documents are in one of the following file formats and ready to be attached to your application form.  Only DOC. – PDF. and TXT. Files will be accepted.


Closing date for bursary applications are yearly at the end of October and no late entries will be considered.  If a candidate has not had any contact from BBD within a month after closing you have not qualified, as qualifying candidates will be contacted within that time frame.



This government department has bursaries available for qualifying candidates each year to study further in a field they love that is seen as critical and scarce in the sectors of their industry.  Their bursaries are to aid the financially restricted candidates that have a great potential and a desire to study further.

The following will be covered by the bursary awarded to selected candidates:

  • Tuition fees
  • Book fees
  • Accommodation fees
  • Meal fees
  • A monthly allowance fee


The following fields of study are available with a bursary from this department and some only at specific Universities:

  • B Sc Agricultural Soil Science
  • B Sc Agricultural Agronomy
  • B Sc Plant Pathology
  • B Sc Oceanography & Marine Biology
  • B Sc Forestry & Wood Science
  • B Sc Geo-informatics
  • National Diploma in Food Technology

University of Kwa-Zulu Natal

  • B Sc Bio-resource Engineering / Agricultural Engineering

University of Cape Town

  • B Sc Marine Biology

University of Pretoria

  • Bachelor – Veterinary Science

Rhodes University

  • B Sc Ichthyology Specializing in Aquaculture

University of Stellenbosch

  • B Sc Food Science
  • B Sc Viticulture & Oenology /  Soil Science / Plant Pathology

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

  • National Diploma in Forestry

Cape Peninsula University of Technology

  • National Diploma in Oceanography
  • National Diploma in Fisheries Resource Management

Postgraduate subjects are also available for B Tech / B Sc / Honors / M Tech / PhD / M Sc and D Tech within the different fields of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries as required by the Department of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries.


The department also provides Internships and a Youth Development Program for unemployed youth in South Africa.  The selected individuals that get awarded these opportunities will receive on the job training in technical skills, public service skills, business skills as well as critical life skills.  With these skills, they will be able to move on to the formal work sector and become a success story.

They have four main fields available and these are as follow:

  • Young Professional Development Plan which is for graduates with a Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture, Forestry or Fisheries that which to improve and move forward with Honors, Masters, B Tech or Ph.D.  There are usually about 20 openings available and successful applicants will need to sign an internship agreement.
  • Agri-Export Technologists Program is for unemployed graduates with Agricultural Science, Environmental Health or Food Technology with a minimum of a three-year National qualification.  Candidates awarded these opportunities will be placed in the appropriate industry establishments under exceptional leadership and guidance.  There are a limited number of openings not exceeding 25 for candidates that are interested.
  • Employment opportunities are always available for qualified graduates that are unemployed and between the ages of 18 & 35, with the required qualifications in one of the fields of study within Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry as set by the department.
  • Experimental Training Opportunities are made available for undergraduates registered in one of the fields of study within Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.  The selected candidates are required to complete experimental training in order to obtain their degree or diploma.

For more information on the selection process, the requirements and how to apply have a look here or visit the Department of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries web page.


The requirements for fields of study as above will depend on the subjects needed for those fields although there are a few common basic requirements.  For the different study fields and their respective requirements please have a look at the information provided on the application.

The following will be required of all candidates:

  • All candidates must be South African citizens with a valid ID Book or ID Card.
  • All candidates must supply certified copies of income for both parents.
  • All candidates must supply certified copies of their academic results.
  • All candidates must have Mathematics and Physical Science as subjects.
  • All candidates must be previously disadvantaged, poverty stricken or from deep rural communities.


Bursaries online applications can be found here under the bursaries tab or visit for more information.  Your completed application form with all the relevant documentation can also be sent to the following address.


Sector – Education and Training

Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Private Bag X 250





Closing date for bursary applications are usually in the beginning of September each year and candidates will be notified during January of the following year.  If applicants have not received a response by the end of January of the following year their applications have been unsuccessful.

Selection works on a 14 point system and there is only a number of available bursaries per year as deemed needed by the Department of Agriculture.  Candidates must ensure that the application forms are filled in completely and all the required documentation certified and attached to the application.


Allan Gray strives to help financially strained pupils to complete their high school education by placing qualifying candidates at their partner placement schools.  Candidates that show an innovative business potential that can prove they need financial support will be considered for these bursaries.  This bursary program helps pupils develop their full potential as to become successful responsible entrepreneurs with a passion.

Entrepreneurial programs will be made available to successful candidates to provide them with a more solid start in life.  Allan Gray knows that every candidate is special in a way and comes from different unique backgrounds but they intend to provide each with the skills needed to become educated members of society that can start and run a business successfully.  They offer unique opportunities for South African students as well as students from Swaziland and Botswana.


Bursaries cover the following within its terms:

  • Full High School tuition fees
  • Boarding fees where applicable
  • Allowance for the needed books
  • Allowance for the needed stationary
  • Allowance for school uniforms
  • Allowance for private clothes
  • Allowance for traveling if deemed necessary
  • Allowance for Extra activities at the school
  • Pocket money

They do try and place students in their own provinces but the available space does not always allow this and the child needs to know that they might be placed in another province.


The bursaries available are dependent on the space they have available in each province.

The schools in each province that are partner placement schools are as follows:

Western Cape

  • Bishops
  • St Cyprians
  • Rustenburg Girl’s High School
  • Rondebosch Boy’s High School

Eastern Cape

  • Clarendon Girls’ High School
  • Selborne High School College
  • Grey High School
  • Collegiate High School for Girls

 Kwa Zulu Natal

  • Epworth independent High School
  • Michael House
  • Pietermaritzburg High School for Girls


  • St Mary’s High School in Waverly
  • St Alban’s High School College
  • St Andrew’s Girls’ High School
  • King Edward VII High School


Candidates who want to be considered need to adhere to the following conditions and necessities:

  • Grade six pupil in current year
  • Have an overall average of 70% or higher
  • Have an average for English of 70% or higher
  • Have an average for Mathematics of 70% or higher
  • Have an average for Literacy of 70% or higher in the Annual National Assessments (ANA)
  • Have an average for Numeracy of 70% or higher in the Annual National Assessments (ANA)
  • Candidate will be required to provide proof of the need for financial assistance
  • Candidate must be a South African citizen
  • All required documentation needs to be certified.

Candidates need to reveal the following characteristics as well:

  • Pupils who are inventive and highly resourceful shows Intellectual Imagination
  • Pupils who are brave/gutsy, as well as determined/resolute, shows Courageous Commitment
  • Pupils who are equipped to address change and yield action shows Personal Initiative
  • Pupils who love to make an effect on others and make changes shows a Spirit of Significance
  • Pupils who set high academic, as well as non-academic principles for themselves show Achievement Excellence


Bursaries online applications are not available but the application form can be found here or for any additional information please visit their web page by clicking on the link provided.

To be eligible for this bursary a pupil needs to follow the selection process guidelines as follow:

  • Complete the application form
  • Attach the following certified copies to your application form
    • Birth Certificate / ID Book / Passport for the applicant
    • ID Documents for both parents / guardians
    • If needed the Death certificate of parent / guardian
    • Grade 5 end results
    • Grade 6 mid-year results
    • Annual National Assessment (ANA) results with school stamp on for Grade 6
    • Proof of latest income slip or statement for both parents / guardians
    • If the parents / guardians own a business income statements must be provided
    • If the parents / guardians own a business 3 months bank statements will also be required
    • If parents / guardians are un-employed an original affidavit needs to be provided with reasons for being unemployed
    • Signature of both parents / guardians is required on the application form

If the form is incomplete or all the required documentation is not supplied the application will be unsuccessful.

  • Candidate will be placed on a short list and notified of the interview time and date
  • Candidates on the short list will also receive an invitation to attend a two-day selection camp
  • Recommendations will then be made of candidates to the placement schools
  • Finally, the bursary will be awarded and candidates will be required to sign a memorandum of agreement with the foundation as well as the placement school.

Forms and inquiries can be e-mailed to the following sections this is for Grade 6 pupils for Grade 12 or 1st-year students.  For more information on their Fellowship program or their Scholarship program visit these pages online.


Closing date for applications is the beginning of September each year and candidates are asked to refrain from faxing or e-mailing application forms.  You can however obtain an application form via sms and you will also receive notifications about the progress of you application via SMS so it is also of utmost importance to include a cellphone number on your application.  To receive an application form you can simply sms ‘SCHOLAR’, as well as ‘YOUR FAX NUMBER’ to 36777 and an application will be faxed to you.

Applicant’s approval is completely up to the Allan Gray Scholarship Foundations discretion.  The foundation is also not obliged to give any details upon unsuccessful applications.


Volkswagen bursaries are made available to candidates wishing to complete their education to gain qualifications relating to the motor vehicle industry.  This bursary program provides financial assistance as well as vacation work to talented candidates.  The company awards bursaries according to their needs yearly.  Candidates who are studying their second year or going into their second year of study can apply.  These studies have to be through a recognized institute of higher learning within South Africa.

Volkswagen South Africa offers these programs to aid development via academic knowledge and skill.  Volkswagen is constantly looking for talented candidates with initiative and innovation as reflected by their brands to assist candidates in reaching their dreams. 


Service binding contract after graduation for a period equal to the tenure of the bursary will have to be accepted.  Volkswagen South Africa also has a Graduate Trainee Program and a VW Technician Trainee Program available for interested candidates.  Volkswagen is looking for driven and dedicated candidates interested in the motor industry that wants to improve not only their knowledge but also their skills.  Both of these trainee programs are for a period of 12 months and after successful completion candidates will be given the opportunity to join their workforce.

These programs are aimed at helping candidates with a degree in a range of fields to gain a solid foundation.  With this knowledge, they will also be able to build a solid career.  The Technical Trainee Program will also cover P1 & P2 which are needed for an Engineering Diploma.  The graduate trainee program is directed at candidates in their final year of study although exceptions can be made for candidates who have recently completed their studies.

For more detail visit Volkswagen South Africa’s web page as given under the Bursary Application sector here below.

Study Fields

The fields of study available can be any of the following, depending on the current need of the company:

  • Logistics
  • Corporate Communications & PR
  • Purchasing
  • Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resources
  • Sales & Marketing


Candidates wanting to apply will need to provide the company with the following documentation:

  • Candidates must be South African citizens
  • Candidates must provide a Certified copy of their valid ID
  • Proof of household income
  • Full academic results
  • Enrollment at an institute of higher learning
  • Candidates will be given preference if from a rural area

Please be aware of the following

After closing the applications will be reviewed and a shortlist will be made.

All candidates on the short list will be contacted for interviews.

After completion of all interviews, bursary candidates will be selected and notified.


You can get the bursaries online application form from their website by clicking here: Bursary inquiries.

All applications must be submitted online.  For additional information on their bursary program please go to this webpage.  For additional information on all that Volkswagen South Africa has to offer.


Depending on the company requirements each year, the bursaries available will differ, but applications are made available the beginning of June and close the middle of August.  Check on a regular on their site for any opportunities that may interest you.

BMW BURSARIES 2016 – 2017

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Do you love motor vehicles, technology and investing in a greater future?

BMW prides itself, as they are committed to investing in the future.  They are committed to advancing in their people, and this is what makes them unique as well as successful!  Employment equity is a serious thing, thus, they ensure a multiplicity of employees within all levels of business.

BMW believes in creating equal opportunities, forming a solid company with skilled labor.  They recognize the talent of each individual, giving their employees a competitive edge to succeed.  They seek candidates who would like to make an impact, who strives for the best and always gives their utmost everything in all they do.

Would you like to shape your future?  BMW has the ideal opportunity to reach your dreams in life.  Add sparks to all you are with this program.  Their bursary program is aimed at developing young talent while ensuring stable growth.  Their bursary program includes many perks for successful candidates.

The BMW bursary program includes financial support for the following:

Registration fees

Class fees

Accommodation fees at the Institute of Higher Learning

Prescribed book or learning material fees

Examination fees

Their bursaries program is designed to help candidates reach their full potential.  Except for the financial aid they make available, candidates could also have the opportunity for vacation work.  Candidates may be asked to sign an employment contract with the company, for a period as is deemed required.

Brighten not only your future but also build a stable environment around you with assistance from the BMW bursaries program.  If this is the path you want to follow, let BMW help you move.


If you are planning to study in one of the following directions, the bursaries offered by BMW may just be what you need.  Candidates can apply for a range of study fields, including the following:

  • Production
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Production Engineering
  • Engineering
  • IT
  • Technology
  • Computer Science
  • Business Management
  • Finance


If you would like to apply for a bursary from BMW, candidates must provide all required documentation, complete the application form and meet all requirements.


Anglo American Platinum is the leader in the world’s platinum industry and also one of the largest mine concerns in South Africa. There is a wide range of career choices with Anglo Platinum Limited but not all of them over outstanding bursaries. Their bursary packages offer not only the financials needed to study at the different institutes but also include medical aid and a computer allowance. Anglo Platinum then also provides their students with permanent placements in their company. Not only in their operations here in Southern Africa but also in the global Anglo Group.

This bursary scheme from Anglo Platinum is there to give young, eager students the opportunity to gain needed qualifications to assist them in the mining industry and give them a successful career. It also provides them with the skills that they will need to be successful. They offer stable and enriching opportunities to make our youth elevate above all their expectations and live a happy fulfilled live.


If you are planning to go to University or the University of Technology you will have the opportunity to first live your career choice before going off to study. Anglo Platinum will give you the opportunity to receive practical training before deciding that the choice you have made is the correct career for you. You will be able to study the career of your choice under the care and supervision of highly qualified practitioners. You will also receive a comprehensive allowance during your training period. This will allow you to be certain that the career you are embarking upon is the one you want and that you enjoy what you are going to do in the future. This year is called the ‘Exposure Year’ and Anglo American Platinum believes strongly that it is a valuable experience and it is recommended quite highly.


  • Geology
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mining Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Metallurgical Engineering
  • Mine Surveying
  • Finance / Accountancy
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Rock Engineering
  • Ventilation Engineering

To study Rock Engineering candidates must study either Mining Engineering or Geology before embarking on Rock Engineering studies.

University of Technology

Studies at this University consist of the same subjects as per Universities above and require the same necessities as you need for Universities and will also provide you with the same perks.

Practical Training

  • Ventilation Training
  • Mine Surveying

For these fields, you can obtain the needed qualification through practical training.


To qualify for a bursary in all the fields mentioned above you will need at least a grade 12 academic certificate with a minimum of sixty percent in each of the following subjects.

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Physical Science

Physical science is not a requirement if you are applying for a bursary in finance or information.


You can also do your bursaries online application to ensure that it has been sent to the right place and in time. If you are interested in applying read this Information sheet and access the bursaries application form in the link below:


If you have all the needed requirements then you can send them with your completed application. Send your application together with your certified academic results, testimonials and a covering letter stating which bursary you want to apply for and why you feel you are the ideal candidate for such a bursary.

Anglo Platinum Limited also has bursary programs from time to time for 1st and 2nd-year students that would like to have a career with them. To enquire about such bursaries visit Anglo American Platinum Website and see what they can offer. Here you will also find the email address and details on how to submit your application.


The closing date is each year in May and after closing the company will select candidates for available bursaries. This process is a very delicate and well developed one. They receive many applications each year and have to make their decisions with great care to ensure that the right candidate is chosen. Selected candidates will be contacted.

Anglo Platinum Limited strongly believes that operations can only be successful it the most qualified candidates are used and this is why they are prepared to run such and extensive bursary program. They produce thirty-eight percent of the world’s platinum and they strive to equip their staff with the best possible education and experience. If you have the right attitude and determination to be considered for one of their exciting bursaries then you should apply today. Join a diverse, vibrant and technologically advanced company offering the best there is to all of their employees.

Internship Programme Alexander Forbes



We believe in your potential – do you?

Become part of a leading financial services provider that takes pride in employing and nurturing the best talent. We’re committed to serving our clients and to help them secure their Financial Well-being through insurance, health, retirement and multimanager investment solutions.

Launch your career
Join our learnership or internship programmes for challenging and rewarding opportunities. Work with leading consultants, actuaries and experts in the best business units in the industry.

It all starts with you. Find the programme that suits you best and apply below.

Who is this for?

This programme is for new university graduates without honours degrees and is run in collaboration with the Insurance Sector Education and Training Authority (Inseta).

What will you achieve?

This programme aims to develop you as a specialist in a specific field. You’ll be placed in an area of the business where you hold a relevant degree.

Required application documents

  • Certified copy of your identity document (ID)
  • Certified copy of your matric certificate
  • Your curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Academic transcripts

Conditions of the programme

You must be:

  • a South African citizen
  • unemployed
  • a graduate with a degree in finance, commerce or law

Applications for 2016 are now open.
Send your application to

University professor plans to climb Mount Fuji for student aid

“I studied at university because of the bursary support I received from people I never knew personally. My bursary was a gift from the past to the …

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) Vice-Chancellor Prof Derrick Swartz is shifting his horizons – embarking on a fundraising initiative by climbing a snow-capped mountain in Japan and breaking his virginity on social media.

As part of Prof Swartz’s personal commitment to the University’s 10-year celebrations‚ he will be climbing Mount Fuji in Japan on 7 August to raise funds for financially needy students at NMMU.

He intends to carry the university’s flag up to the summit – a 3‚7km climb.

There are 10 base camps leading up to the peak‚ one for each year of NMMU’s first decade‚ since its merger with the PE Technikon‚ the University of Port Elizabeth (UPE) and the Port Elizabeth campus of Vista University.

To highlight the campaign‚ he’s opened up a Twitter account.

His first‚ nervous post‚ was: “Hi‚ 1st tweet‚ gulp! Planning climb up Mt Fuji‚ Japan‚ 7 Aug raising funds for NMMU students. Thanks for generous support for good cause!”

The #climb4nmmu campaign is being supported by the university on social media platforms‚ so the Prof won’t be stranded in new terrain.

The Port Elizabeth university said in a statement the climb will give Prof Swartz the opportunity to highlight the extent of the need for financial support for students in the city and across the Eastern Cape‚ which is recognised as the poorest province.

The R9.5 billion distributed as part of the government’s National Student Financial Assistance Scheme (NSFAS) is insufficient for the demand for funding‚ it says.

“I studied at university because of the bursary support I received from people I never knew personally. My bursary was a gift from the past to the present‚” Prof Swartz said. “I strongly believe that this is our generation’s responsibility too.

“My view is that we – society at large – must find ways of augmenting the pressurized resources. All of us have the capacity to make a difference‚” Swartz added. The University is hoping to raise at least R500‚000.

All funds will go to the University’s Bursary Legacy Campaign run by the NMMU Trust.

A number of events will be hosted before Swartz’s departure from Port Elizabeth on 31 July.

These include a rowing challenge with students and a time trial with corporate sponsors for running up the university’s main building of 18 storeys. As part of his training for the two-day climb‚ Prof Swartz is running up (and down) to his office on the top floor‚ daily.


This web app helps SA scholars find bursaries for their tertiary studies

This web app helps SA scholars find bursaries for their tertiary studies … the app will sift through a database with more than 7 000 bursary entries …

SAScholar is a web-based app started by a group of University Students from NMMU; it matches students with bursaries for their tertiary education. Watch.

The app allows students to create a profile that includes their age and the qualification they are studying; the app will sift through a database with more than 7 000 bursary entries worth over R1 billion. It will return with results that are only applicable and unique to that scholar.

Jerusha Sukhdeo-Raath speaks to Blessing Jonamu, SAScholar’s Product Manager and Chief Developer .


SA: NSFAS Act under review to improve varsity funding

… the NSFAS loan and bursary scheme, the reality was that there were insufficient funds to support all needy and deserving students. … has awarded approximately R50 billion in loans and bursaries to about 1.5 million students.

Cape Town – Higher Education and Training Deputy Minister Mduduzi Manana says government is reviewing the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) Act with the aim of improving the scheme to support students from poor backgrounds.

The Deputy Minister said this to delegates of the 2015 Financial Aid Conference at the Cape Sun Southern Sun hotel on Monday in a speech read by the department’s Pearl Whittle in his absentia.

He said while government’s aim was to provide fee-free education for the poor through the NSFAS loan and bursary scheme, the reality was that there were insufficient funds to support all needy and deserving students.

“A policy dialogue on student financial aid involving the Department of Higher and Education Training, NSFAS, Higher Education South Africa, the South African Students Union, the Council on Higher Education, National Treasury, the Department of Performance, Monitoring and Evaluation and the Chairpersons of Council has therefore been constituted.

“This will inform the development of improved policy and regulations to govern the NSFAS, especially the development of a sustainable process for allocating the limited funds available for poor students to access higher education,” he said.

The Deputy Minister said this as the department announced during its Budget Vote that NSFAS had a budget of R9.5 billion that has been allocated in bursaries and student loans for the 2015/16 financial year.

Ever since its inception in 1991, NSFAS – which was previously known as the Tertiary Education Fund of South Africa (TEFSA), has awarded approximately R50 billion in loans and bursaries to about 1.5 million students.

The NSFAS budget is aimed to provide 205 000 university student loans and bursaries and 200 000 TVET college bursaries during the current financial year.

The Deputy Minister said that the National Development Plan (NDP) proposes that all students who qualify for NSFAS are provided with access to full funding through loans and bursaries to cover the costs of tuition, books, accommodation and other living expenses.

He said the White Paper for Post-School Education and Training, which Minister Blade Nzimande released last year, makes a commitment to progressively introduce free education for the poor in South Africa.

“The outcomes and recommendations from the policy dialogue will feed into a review of the NSFAS Act which is planned to be completed by March 2017,” he said.

The Deputy Minister also said that while the department, together with NSFAS, would continue to lobby for additional funding, he called on fund managers attending the conference to ensure that all monies from the department and donors are effectively administered.

“The department has found evidence of corruption in the application of NSFAS loans and bursaries within the system.

“Given the limited financial resources and the demand for financial aid from poor and needy students of the opportunity to further studies, but also threatens the stability of the entire higher education and training sector,” he said.


2015 APEX Awards judging process takes shape

These bursaries contribute towards tuition fees and enable students to obtain a tertiary qualification. The AAA School of Advertising, known as the …

The APEX Awards has for the past 20 years recognised, celebrated and showcased highly effective communications campaigns in South Africa.

News Article Image for ‘2015 APEX Awards judging process takes shape’
During the past weeks, a heavyweight adjudication panel made up of captains of industry from various disciplines including strategy, digital, creative, research, media and marketing as well as agency heads, have been judging entries based on extremely stringent criteria.

Judges are looking for campaigns that disrupted the clutter, had extensive reach and communicated via mediums that resonate with the desired consumer. The rigorous adjudication process spans more than one round of adjudication during which submissions are evaluated against specific criteria including rigour, degree of difficulty, clarity of evidence, compelling case, and insight.

“The APEX Awards looks for both creativity and effectiveness, measuring actual results. The objective of advertising and communications is to sell products and/or services and in so doing contribute to a company’s bottom line. In this regard, the annual APEX Awards rewards those campaigns that worked to deliver a tangible, measured return on investment and/or objectives,” says Odette van der Haar, CEO of Association of Communications and Advertising (ACA) that hosts the annual APEX Awards.

Apart from being an essential business tool that affixes value to credentials for agencies, marketers and leading brands, winning an APEX Award is a definitive demonstration that great ideas generate great results. APEX recognises the creative work that worked; the campaigns that manifested effectiveness in creativity that extends beyond pictures to creative intellect and intellectual property that is the currency of the profession.

“It is an absolute pleasure and honor to be working with this year’s jury. The collective experience and sheer brain power of the panel is extraordinary. The jury will decide on which campaigns, agencies and clients are the best of breed in the business and, in so doing, affirm the credibility and the value of creativity in business. After all, winning an APEX is the ultimate testament to the vital role that effective advertising and marketing communications play in business success. For agencies, winning an APEX affirms their effectiveness and contribution to their clients’ businesses. For clients, winning an APEX affirms their contribution to their company’s bottom line,” continues van der Haar.

The stamp of success verified by an APEX ensures that the profession and sector as a whole continuously raises the bar in terms of creativity and effectiveness. The APEX awards also ensures that the sector is sustained and grown into the future by funding skills development and talent in the form of much needed bursaries for deserving students at the AAA School of Advertising. These bursaries contribute towards tuition fees and enable students to obtain a tertiary qualification. The AAA School of Advertising, known as the Birthplace of Brilliant, is currently identifying students who meet specific requirements and who would be deserving recipients of the 2015 APEX Awards bursaries.

The gala event is taking place on Monday, 20 July at the Sandton Convention Centre. The annual event is more than a glamourous awards ceremony – it is an event that brings together the captains of industry, industry stakeholders, members of the media as well as clients who control a large portion of ad spend in South Africa.

The 2015 APEX Awards is sponsored by key partners – SABC and Sandton Convention Centre – and sponsors Millward Brown and Unilever.


Creatives: Create a Greg & Lucky ad and win a Vega bursary!

And if Greg and Lucky like what you do, you’ll win a R100,000 bursary at The Vega School of Brand Leadership. So get those creative juices flowing, …

And if Greg and Lucky like what you do, you’ll win a R100,000 bursary at The Vega School of Brand Leadership. So get those creative juices flowing, …

Greg and Lucky need you! We’re looking for Joburg’s most creative brain to create the ultimate Greg & Lucky ad. Whether it’s audio, print, animation or video, just make it really awesome! And if Greg and Lucky like what you do, you’ll win a R100,000 bursary at The Vega School of Brand Leadership. So get those creative juices flowing, entries close on 1 July 2015.

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Vega is a brand of The Independent Institute of Education, which is the country’s largest, most accredited provider of private education. The Independent Institute of Education is internationally accredited by the British Accreditation Council. Study IIE qualifications in Design, Copywriting, Multi-media, Strategic Brand Communications, Brand Management, Digital Marketing or Honours and Masters at Vega. Vega focusses on delivering highly skilled students who graduate work ready. Highly relevant short courses in Digital Strategy and Brand Management are also available. Vega has more than a 80% pass rate, ensuring industry involvement and

Women’s Property Network awards Bursaries

Since 2008 WPN has awarded bursaries to female students studying … Having lost my father about 9months ago, this bursary comes in the form of a …

Since 2008 WPN has awarded bursaries to female students studying …

The Women’s Property Network (WPN) was established in early 2000 to create a forum for women in a predominantly male industry to join together to exchange information, develop business contacts and enhance professional success.

Since 2008 WPN has awarded bursaries to female students studying towards a property related degree or diploma. The 2015-yearis no exception, and a total of eleven bursaries totaling in excess of R500 000 (tuition and study material fees) have been awarded to students studying at various institutions across the country.

All the applicants are deserving in terms of personal circumstances, had achieved in excess of 60% average and showed a passion for the property industry. At the beginning of the year, the WPN did not have sufficient funds to award all of the bursaries, and embarked on a fund raising initiative in February to register the WPN as a charity entry into the Two Oceans Marathon, and friends of WPN ran to support the charity. In addition to these pledges,

Delta Property Fund also made a significant contribution of R600 000 to the Educational Trust, thereby ensuring that all eleven bursaries could be awarded.

WPN Chair, Genevieve Naidoo, says: “We continue to be overwhelmed by the generous support of companies in the industry and on behalf of the WPN Executive, I would like to thank contributors for their support. The WPN Educational Trust is a special initiative, and one which has been nurtured for many years so as to ensure that young female graduates take their place in the industry and are able to make a meaningful contribution.”

Comments from the students in regard to what the awarding of the bursaries has meant to them is reward in itself:

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for your generosity in awarding this bursary to me. Having lost my father about 9 months ago, this bursary comes in the form of a miracle for my family. I am currently in my 3rd year BSc Property Studies, and I plan to venture into Real Estate Development as a major for 4th year, being awarded this bursary takes me one step closer to one of my many goals.

I am filled with gratitude because this bursary makes it possible for me to obtain my qualification without having to worry about finances. Thank you to the Women’s Property Network for this opportunity.

I am sincerely grateful to the Trustees of the WPN Educational Trust for making the 2015 bursary award possible. This bursary means a lot to my family and I as it has lightened the financial burden, which allows me to focus on my studies.

The Women’s Property Network, has created a platform for young women like myself to enter the property industry and to allow a more engaged education, through the opportunity to network and share ideas at a professional level.

The bursary is a true blessing.Not only was financial assistance needed, but exposure to the property industry, which is key for young students setting out and wanting to make the right decisions in terms of career paths.

I am so grateful to the WPN for awarding me this bursary, as now I need worry less about the funding, and focus on building my future and doing my part to positively impact South Africa and its built environment.

I am extremely grateful. No more stressing about finances, as I can now focus on my curriculum. The WPN bursary encourages excellence amongst deserving students from disadvantaged communities, and helps aspirant female students to become qualified professionals and leaders – much of what is needed in our new diversified democracy.

Not only has the bursary relievedthe financial strain, but has also motivated me to ensure good grades as a way of appreciation to those who went out of their way to grant me a study opportunity. I hope to follow in their footsteps in the future so as to also give other women, especially from rural areas the opportunity to study and better their communities.

The investment by the WPN towards my career development has ensured that I will be able to register as a professional urban planner with the South African Council for Planners and thus move on to be an accredited professional in my field.

I would like to thank the WPN for offering me this bursary. I had reached a point of giving up on completing my degree as my parents could only provide funding for my first year.

By awarding me the bursary, the WPN has lightened my financial burden allowing me to focus on the most important aspect of university – learning and maintaining my academic achievement. I hope one day I will be able to help students achieve their goals.

In addition to the awarding of the bursaries, the WPN through its regional chapters and committees will support these students by ensuring regular contact to discuss study material and any problem areas that may have arisen and will engage with the students at the networking events so thatthey have access to women active in the industry.


SA Taxi Foundation awards the first of its annual university bursaries

SA Taxi Foundation, founded in 2014 as the corporate social investment arm for the SA Taxi group of companies, has made its first award of a bursary …

SA Taxi Foundation, founded in 2014 as the corporate social investment arm for the SA Taxi group of companies, has made its first award of a bursaries

SA Taxi Foundation, founded in 2014 as the corporate social investment arm for the SA Taxi group of companies, has made its first award of a bursary to a student from the rural and peri-urban communities served by SA Taxi’s customers.
News Article Image for ‘SA Taxi Foundation awards the first of its annual university bursaries’
SA Taxi is the country’s only independent financer of minibus taxies and is one of very few companies certified as a developmental credit provider.

“Inherently, SA Taxi is a gateway financer,” says SA Taxi Foundation director, Kalnisha Singh. “By providing vehicle finance as well as free business and driver training as part of our product set, we enable our customers to develop sustainable small businesses and, thereby, move into the mainstream economy.”

“Our contribution to enterprise development is, therefore, significant. Even so, we felt the need to deepen our social impact by going beyond the demand / supply relationships that underlie our business as usual. As a result, we set up the Foundation to help address the intense poverty and limited access to the most basic needs that prevent most rural and peri-urban societies from feeling the positive effects of economic freedom.”

“With one of the Foundation’s focus areas being education, it was logical for us to set up a bursary fund whose objective is to provide opportunities for students from rural and peri-urban communities to participate in the formal economy.”

The SA Taxi Foundation Bursary Fund prioritises applications for studies in those sectors identified by the SETAs as having a scarcity of skills. These include technical studies (engineering and artisanal trades), mainstream commerce (actuarial science, accounting, and finance), the sciences (medicine, chemistry), and business disciplines such as industrial psychology, human resources, and marketing.

Bursary recipients are required to achieve a minimum average of 65% in each semester funded by the bursary and must also undertake project work at SA Taxi during their vacations.

SA Taxi Foundation Bursary Fund’s first recipient, Ndumiso Mabena, is in the second year of his accounting diploma at the University of Johannesburg and has consistently achieved more than 75% for his semester averages.

During the July break he will help organise and also teach accountancy at SA Taxi Foundation’s Winter School aimed at helping matrics prepare for their final exams.

Mabena, who grew up in Mpumalanga but did his matric in Gauteng, says his parents encouraged him to study. His father, whose taxi operation is run by Mabena’s eldest brother, works for the Department of Transport and taught adult literacy in his spare time. His mother is a qualified Grade R teacher and is studying through UNISA for her teaching degree.

“It was my father, who had done a UNISA course on managing small businesses, who suggested I do an accounting degree. He knows that I have an interest in business, having been exposed to it via one of my aunts, who worked with an Australian NGO to gain funding for orphanages, and also via my father’s taxi operation, which is named for me,” says Mabena.

“While I enjoy accounting for its own sake, what really fascinates me is the way in which it enables a business to run efficiently and with maximum benefit to its stakeholders.”

Mabena plans to qualify as a chartered accountant and then to start his own business in either technology or film and television production.

The SA Taxi Foundation Bursary Fund will award at least one new bursary a year during the next five years, seeing each student through to his or final studies.


Web app helps youth find bursaries

The app was designed to make the process easier, with all bursaries and … e-mail notifications when the closing date of the bursary is approaching.

SAScholar, a Web-based app designed by students to help make it easier for other scholars to find bursaries, has been unveiled.
The app was launched on Monday and within six hours, 100 users had already signed up for the service. It was developed by students who understand the process of finding bursaries is “wearisome and confusing”, states the Web site. The app was designed to make the process easier, with all bursaries and scholarships listed in one, easy-to-navigate place.

The app matches people to funding opportunities, so that students do not have to search for these openings themselves. The service is free and all that is required is an e-mail address and basic personal information to sign up.
Students fill in the field they are interested in getting funding for and at what level they are studying. The app will then list all available bursaries that match the student’s particulars.
The total value of all the funding opportunities available on the app is worth more than R1 billion, according to student and SAScholar operations manager Tafadzwa Kachara.
Once a bursary is saved, students will receive e-mail notifications when the closing date of the bursary is approaching.
There are no international bursaries on the app yet; this option will come with future updates.

The SAScholar app can help you find a university bursary

The SAScholar Bursary App uses students’ biographical details to match … All you have to do is register on the app and start searching for bursaries …

As the school calendar reaches the half-way mark, many matrics will begin applying at different tertiary institutions for next year. Those who need a bursary are in luck as a new app has been launched to make it easier to find one.

The SAScholar Bursary App uses students’ biographical details to match with opportunities available in their desired area of study. All you have to do is register on the app and start searching for bursaries related to your field and level of study.

“The inspiration behind the app is a combination of frustration for looking for bursaries and a will to help educate South Africa,” said Blessing Jonamu, SAScholar’s product manager and senior developer.
“We understand the fact that the process of applying for bursaries and scholarships is wearisome and often quite confusing,” Jonamu said. “Funding is the number one problem for scholars who wish to further their education at a higher education institution, which is why we want to simplify the process and make bursaries more accessible to the general public.”
All South African universities are listed on the app with a wide range of courses covered.

Once you’ve found a bursary, you have the option of either contacting the university directly or applying on the university’s website. You can also share the information with friends or family via email.
“It has been a long journey. We came up with this idea about a year and 6 months ago and are glad it has become a reality,” Jonamu said.
SAScholar is compatible with any mobile that has a web browser and will soon have dedicated apps for different operating systems soon. Register here to get added to our mailing list.

Success stories inspire. NSH Bursary

In 2011, the UFS launched the No Student Hungry (NSH) Bursary Programme, which provides modest food bursaries to food-insecure students.

EVERY year, hundreds of students drop out of university due to financial difficulties – only to return to dire financial circumstances.

It is only a few who manage to secure a bursary to fund their studies.

These bursaries often pay only for academic and residential expenses, leaving students without additional funding for food.

The University of the Free State (UFS) realised that up to 60% of its students were food-insecure.

Many of these students admitted to having to work after class to buy food or having to beg from friends.

In 2011, the UFS launched the No Student Hungry (NSH) Bursary Programme, which provides modest food bursaries to food-insecure students.

Currently 130 students receive food bursaries from the programme to ensure they have one less thing to worry about while they are studying.

This year, at their autumn graduation ceremony, six beneficiaries of the NSH Bursary Programme received their degrees – an achievement all of them feel they could not have reached if it had not been for the support by NSH.

For Tshililo Nethengwe, an accounting student from Venda, her first year at university in 2012 was a daily battle. Although her parents managed to pay her study and accommodation fees, the meagre monthly food allowance her parents could afford was not enough to last her the month.

“Every morning I used to tell myself not to think about food, because I was here to study. Somehow, I still managed to get something to eat – even if it was just a few slices of bread a day,” says Nethengwe.

“I was very determined to succeed in my studies, and NSH took away the burden of needing to ‘hustle’ and beg for food.”

Nethengwe is now doing her honours in BCom Accounting.

“The NSH Bursary Programme invests in potential, and supports academic achievers who come from challenging backgrounds,” says Vicky Simpson, co-ordinator of the NSH Bursary Programme.

“We promote the success of undergraduate students, enabling them to focus on their studies and not on where their next meal will come from.

“Successful graduates will have a positive and direct impact on our economy, different communities, and many households.

“The NSH Bursary Programme is awarded to students on the basis of financial need, academic excellence, and the commitment to serve the community.

“We have helped more than 500 students since 2011, when Prof. Jonathan Jansen, vice-chancellor and rector, started NSH.

“These students share amazing stories that inspire us. Many had to endure hardship, but they managed to persevere, they worked hard, and they made it to university.

“The ability to buy a meal makes an enormous difference,” says Simpson


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Smartphones to ring in bursaries

Punted as a “bursary matching web app” for school leavers and undergraduate students, the smartphone application is designed to help students sift …

STUDENTS will have access to bursaries worth more than R1bn at the click of a button when a new mobile application (app) launches on Monday.

The app was developed by Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University alumni.

Punted as a “bursary matching web app” for school leavers and undergraduate students, the smartphone application is designed to help students sift through thousands of bursaries on offer throughout the country in less than a tenth of the time it would usually take.

The operations manager for SAScholar app, Tafadzwa Kachara, said the idea for the app stemmed from his struggle to find a bursary to study for his Bachelor of Science undergraduate degree in biochemistry and microbiology. “For undergraduate qualifications there are a lot of funding opportunities but it is difficult to get your hands on them,” Kachara said.

Kachara and his former flatmate, Blessing Jonamu, who was studying towards a Master’s degree in computer science at the time, painstakingly created a database, which includes more than 7,000 bursaries across SA, available to nearly every university country-wide. The total value of the bursaries available through SAScholar app adds up to more than R1bn.

Kachara said SAScholar app was designed in such a way that students would be able create a profile, including their age and the qualification for which they wanted to study.

The app would then sift through SAScholar’s database and provide those results that were applicable and unique to that specific scholar.

It allowed users to save details of the bursaries they were interested in and would send notifications when their saved bursaries were about to reach their deadline date, he said.


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Bursaries app ‘to ease pain’

It is designed to help students sift through thousands of bursaries on offer in less … app stems from his struggle to find a bursary for his undergraduate degree. … and Jonamu created a database which includes over 7000 bursaries.

It is designed to help students sift through thousands of bursaries on offer in less … app stems from his struggle to find a bursary for his undergraduate degree. … and Jonamu created a database which includes over 7000 bursaries.

A mobile application by Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University alumni is launching today to help students find bursaries.

It is designed to help students sift through thousands of bursaries on offer in less than a 10 th of the time it would usually take.

Operations manager for the SAScholar app, Tafadzwa Kachara, 26, who is in the final year of his LLB degree at NMMU, said the idea for the app stems from his struggle to find a bursary for his undergraduate degree.

“For undergraduate qualifications there are a lot of funding opportunities, but it is difficult to get your hands on them,” said Kachara.

Kachara approached his flatmate, Blessing Jonamu, last year to develop the app.

Jonamu was in his final year master’s in computer science.

Kachara and Jonamu created a database which includes over 7000 bursaries.

“They include bursaries from private companies and university bursaries; even the NRF [National Research Foundation] bursaries are available on the app,” he said.

According to Kachara, the total value of the bursaries available through the SAScholar app is over R1-billion.


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