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Chilean President announces new Mandela scholarships

Mandela scholarships

Chilean President Michelle Bachelet Jeria says she has put a proposal to her
government to avail 50 scholarships & bursary application, to students in South Africa and other African countries to pursue their master?s degrees at a top university in Chile.

Briefing journalists after delivering the Annual Nelson Mandela Lecture in Cape
Town, President Bachelet said the awarding of the scholarships would be done in
honour of the late President.

The President said Tata, who affectionately became known by his clan name
Madiba, was her role model growing up.

“[President] Nelson Mandela has been a leader who inspired me all of my life. So
for me, this is very special.

“But also, as I said in the lecture, he has taught us so much. I have learnt so
much from him.

“So that is why . in 2015, we are going to have 50 Nelson Mandela scholarships & bursary applications
. to go study at the University of Chile,’ she said.

She said that upon approval by the Chilean Congress, the scholarships would
fund deserving students who want to pursue master?s degrees in the fields of
farming, mining and astronomy, among others.

Her announcement comes after her meeting with President Jacob Zuma at the
Union Buildings on Friday, where the two identified sectors in their respective
economies to work together to boost economic growth.

Among several opportunities that the two Presidents identified as areas of
cooperation are energy, defence, science and technology, trade and investment,
mineral resources, social development and environmental issues.

Chile expressed interest in South Africa?s Energy Master Plan and the Square
Kilometre Array (SKA) project – the world?s largest radio telescope.

This is in light of South Africa and Chile being two leading countries in astronomy

Chile to build a Mandela memorial

President Bachelet said to further honour Tata Madiba, her country would build a
sculpture at a park in Santiago, the capital of Chile.

“.We will build a sculpture at a beautiful park in Santiago, where so many people
[walk by] so they can learn about Nelson Mandela and be inspired by him,’ she said.

She said she was honoured to have been invited to come to South Africa to
deliver the 12th Annual Nelson Mandela Lecture.

The President said in turn, she had extended an invitation to the Nelson Mandela
Foundation to go to Chile for a South-South dialogue to share experiences on
challenges related to social cohesion, from inequalities to wide-ranging issues of
diversity – be it cultural or sexual diversity.

Delivering her lecture earlier, the President spoke of how Tata inspired not only
South Africans, but the rest of the world when he chose nation building through
reconciliation after spending many years in jail.

She said while social cohesion included dealing with poverty, cultural differences
and inequalities, she said the strongest weapon to forge national unity was through
the state holding extensive consultations with its people.

She said this included, among others, consulting people not only on
implementation of programmes, but also on the decisions that precede policy or
legislation changes or drafting.

The President also said that her government was currently consulting people on
creating a new ministry for indigenous groups to get their input on how they want
their country to be run in a bid to promote social cohesion.

She said President Mandela also told the world that education remained the most
crucial intervention for social cohesion.


Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr bursaries


We award a number of bursaries to law students on an annual basis.

  • Applications for 2015 bursaries close on 1 September 2014.
  • Applications for 2016 bursaries close on 1 September 2015.

Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr bursaries

We award a number of bursaries to law students.

Applications for bursaries close on 1 September each year (in respect of bursaries for the following/next academic year).


To be considered for a bursary, an applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • be a citizen or permanent resident of South Africa;
  • be enrolled as a full-time student at a South African university for the LLB degree and
  • complete the prescribed application form and submit all supporting documentation before the deadline.


Each application for a bursary is considered on its own merit taking into account the financial merit of the application as well as the following factors:

  • academic performance and
  • proven excellence in any other field.

Tim Mills Memorial Bursary

The Tim Mills Memorial Bursary for post graduate studies has been established in 2013 in memory of Tim Mills, a former director of Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr.

Tim passed away on 24 May 2012. He was an exceptional employment lawyer but it was his incredibly generous spirit and irrepressibly good nature that endeared him most to colleagues, clients and the broader Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr family.

The Tim Mills Memorial Bursary is awarded to candidates intending to register for any LLM degree at a South African university.

The bursary will cover university/tuition fees only up to a maximum total amount of R25 000 per student for the duration of his/her studies.

This bursary may be awarded on an annual basis. The bursary committee reserves the right not to award this bursary in any particular year.

The following conditions apply to this bursary:

The successful candidate will be required to –

  • provide updated academic results and progress reports if and when required;
  • attend one of the Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr vacation programmes for law students and
  • agree to a right of first refusal with regard to articles of clerkship.

For more information about this bursary, please contact us:




Source: www.apply4law.co.za/

Simpson Scholarship first for South Africa

“The entire ACCA SA team is ‘over the moon’ to hear that ACCA SA student, Tinashe Matambo was awarded a prestigious ACCA Simpson Scholarship. This is the first time, since the scholarship was inaugurated in 2008 that a South African student has been awarded a Simpson Scholarship. Sweetening the pie even further is the fact that another ACCA SA student, Ithai Musindo was one of twenty finalists,” says Head of ACCA South Africa, Nadine Kater.

Competition is fierce for the five Simpson Scholarships, which are awarded globally, each year. Applications are received from ACCA students worldwide. Other 2013 recipients of the Simpson Scholarship include Thi Nguyet Chinh Hoang from Vietnam, Ramsha Khan from Saudi Arabia, Raihana Mahroof from Sri Lanka and Memory Mudzi from Zimbabwe.

“South Africa and Africa as a whole has much to be proud of. The fact that scholarships were awarded to two ACCA students in Africa attests to the calibre and quality of ACCA students on the African continent,” Kater remarks.

She hopes his achievement will inspire current ACCA SA students to “work even harder” and apply for the ACCA Simpson Scholarship next year. “The scholarship is very generous and covers exam fees, annual student or affiliate fees, and membership admission fees for up to five years, or until ACCA membership is achieved, whichever happens sooner. In addition, BPP Learning Media, ACCA’s Platinum Approved Learning Partner, will provide students with study material for every ACCA paper, which they are studying,” Kater explains.

The scholarship is based on merit. Criteria amongst others include achieving an average of 80% or more in the Knowledge module (Papers F1-F3) of the Fundamental level of the ACCA Qualification, or a minimum of 66% in two ACCA Qualification papers. In addition, applicants are required to submit a 1000-word essay on how the scholarship will assist them to achieve their full potential.

More information is available on the ACCA global website: www.accaglobal.com

“ACCA students in Africa have already proved their mettle. Two ACCA Simpson Scholarships were awarded to Kenyan students in 2009; an ACCA Simpson Scholarship was awarded to a Nigerian student in 2010; an ACCA Simpson Scholarships was awarded to a Ugandan student in 2012; an ACCA Simpson Scholarship was awarded to a Zimbabwean and a South African in 2013. ACCA students in Africa have what it takes. I urge ACCA SA students to ‘raise their game’. Kenya has garnered two scholarships in one year. There is absolutely no reason why our students cannot match this achievement,” Kater concludes.


Source: www.sastudy.co.za/

Student excels after Jansen offers her a bursary

Gansbaai – University of the Free State vice chancellor Jonathan Jansen is beaming with pride about an investment he made in human capital. A poverty-stricken top 2013 matric Gansbaai student, whom he lured to Bloemfontein with an all expenses bursary, has excelled in her first year by attaining seven distinctions.

Jansen made headlines in January last year when he grabbed the Gansbaai Academia head girl ahead of Western Cape universities, after reading about her plight of not being able to find a bursary to study despite her five As in the 2013 matric results.

Die Burger reported about De Koning’s sad circumstances. She, her mother, sister and stepfather – who has been diagnosed with cancer – live in a one-room dwelling at the back of someone’s house. De Koning’s father died when she was very young.

After hearing about her circumstances the Kovsie vice chancellor personally called the young girl and offered her an all expenses bursary to study in Bloemfontein.

Reasons to smile

Jansen has a lot of reasons to smile about his investment. De Koning has passed her first year BSc Behavioural genetics with flying colours, getting seven distinctions out of the twelve modules of the course.

He could not stop talking about his protégé this week. “She is a darling, [and] a wonderful asset for Kovsies. I love her as much as my own daughter.

De Koning says she would not exchange her first year at Kovsies for anything in the world. “It helped me to move out of my comfort zone,” she said.

She has tremendous respect for Jansen. “There are days when Prof Jansen would come out of his office and conduct info sessions on the lawn in front of the old head building. Then anyone could ask him anything. He does not sit on a golden throne.”

She says she often goes into the office of Jansen’s secretary, Rhoda Grobler who has become a mother to her. The Grobler family has almost adopted this girl who had been very worried about making the move to Bloemfontein.

“I also look into Prof Jansen’s office when he’s not too busy. The last time we had lunch and discussed various things about campus.”

Life-changing call

Jansen’s call changed her life completely.

“Initially I did not believe it was him. I was also not sure whether I should move so far from home but Ganbsbaai Academia principal Tommy Wilson insisted that I accept the offer.

She has not disappointed Jansen.

“Bianca has two special qualities that fit perfectly with the mission of Kovsies,” says Jansen. “She is a top academic student and she is truly inclusive in her approach to other students. She has consistently scored distinctions in her university subjects, impressing her professors. She has made close friends from across the university community with so much ease.

“Her parents and her school did a great job of preparing her for living and learning in the real world outside of the comfort zones in which so many remain stuck.

“I have no doubt that Bianca, with these qualities, will rise to become a great leader in South Africa and the world.”

Jansen told News24 that the university has bursaries available for “top students in financial need”.

And now that the 2014 matric results have been released, Jansen says they’re “already on the lookout for other Biancas in all nine provinces.”


Source: www.news24.com/

Eduloan and the PIC partnership aims to improve financial access to education

The Public Investment Corporation (PIC), the state-owned asset manager, together with the leading education finance and bursary management specialist Eduloan, has announced that they have entered into a mutually beneficial strategic partnership, to increase affordable funding focused on social upliftment through education.
News Article Image for ‘Eduloan and the PIC partnership aims to improve financial access to education’
The PIC invests funds on behalf of public sector entities, based on investment mandates set by each of these clients and approved by the Financial Services Board (FSB). In terms of the partnership, the PIC has now purchased a 40% strategic equity stake in Eduloan on behalf of the Government Employees Pension Fund (GEPF).

As part of this transaction, the PIC also effected the direct investment of the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) and the Compensation Commission (CC) funds, through a debenture subscription. The invested funds from the UIF and CC will help fund Eduloan’s educational loan book, enabling funding to be made available for education loans.

Eduloan has issued new shares to PIC in order to achieve this strategic transaction. Eduloan’s current shareholders, including Open Learning Holdings (OLH) and Standard Bank, will not be selling their shares to facilitate the investment of the PIC in the education finance specialist. The board will continue to have a pivotal role in the strategic guidance of Eduloan, mandated by the shareholders.

This strategic investment is to help as many South Africans as possible to unlock their potential through access to affordable education finance solutions at affordable interest rates, and continuing to ensure effective management of bursary funds.

“We are entering into this strategic alliance with the PIC as a like-minded long-term partner,” said Eduloan CEO Totsie Memela. “Our efforts and finances directly impact economic development and enhance quality of life. Therefore, partnering with the PIC is a move to benefit all South Africans through access to finance.”

Eduloan has a good reputation and performance track record in the market, specifically underlying their specialised education finance and bursary fund management solutions, and it intends to leverage this experience of over 19 years in the equity investment with the PIC.

This equity transaction will allow Eduloan the opportunity to work with Isibaya, a PIC Fund, which is targeted at providing finance for projects that support the long-term economic, social and environmental growth of South Africa.

“We believe that the strategic alliance with Eduloan helps the PIC to realise its developmental investment mandate, part of which focuses on investment in education,” said PIC’s CFO Matshepo More.

“We are excited about our partnership with Eduloan. Eduloan is a leader in education finance and bursary fund management in our country and by working with them, the PIC will be able to capitalise on value creation.”
The PIC has strong boardroom representation in Eduloan and will not be a passive investor. The investment by PIC into Eduloan will also fuel further organic growth and possible expansion into new markets.

“Education is one of the most important investments a country can make in its people and its future, and is critical to creating sustainable economic growth and reducing poverty and inequality. That is why an equity transaction with PIC will enable Eduloan to make these goals real,” said Memela.

source http://www.mediaupdate.co.za/

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